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Myst - Selenitic Graphic Pop Mousepad
Myst - Selenitic Graphic Pop Mousepad

You've been asking us for more vertical mousepad options, so we made this for you!

This image was captured from Cyan's re-imagined modern version of Myst, and then enhanced to transform it into a piece of art Including captivating deep blue and orange hues, and a brand new icon to represent the Selenitic age! It will become a centerpiece of your desk as anyone who sees it will be drawn to the vivid imagery from our newly re-imagined version of Myst!

Measuring 9.375in x 7.75in (23.8cm x 19.69cm), and 1/4 inch thick, this beefy old-school style mousepad will have you reaching for your favorite adventure game CDs before you know it!

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