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Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond
Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and BeyondUnwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and BeyondUnwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond

From caverns miles beneath the New Mexico desert, the D’ni ruled an empire that lasted ten millennia. They wrote Linking Books that allowed them to span universes, ignoring the primitive humans that infested the surface. But the glory of D’ni was brought low mere centuries ago, and their Ages were left empty and abandoned... until now.

Called to the desert, we have found our way down to D’ni. Its secrets are in our hands, and its future is ours to determine. The next chapter of D’ni is Unwritten.

In 1994 Cyan introduced us to the surreal worlds of MYST™ and the D’ni. Now you can make your own journeys of exploration and adventure through the Ages.

Unwritten brings the surreal worlds of Myst and Uru to tabletop role-playing games. Using the popular FATE gaming engineUnwritten gives players the chance to delve into the depths of D’ni’s troubled past, influence the future of the D’ni, and explore or even create new Ages. The D’niverse has room for any of the stories you want to tell. YOUR story is Unwritten.  
  • Discovery Focused Mechanics
  • Play in Modern or Historical D’ni
  • Unlimited Possible Environments

“…a nearly-perfect book, giving a great run-down on a non-combat FATE, and doing great justice to the setting without overloading you. As a non-Myst guy before this book, I really grokked everything from it without any headaches… I was not a Myst fan before this. I am now, 100%.” – neurophaser, RPGNet post

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