The Featured Artist Collection

This holiday season we are pleased to announce that Cyan, in partnership with select fans who are also artists, are featuring their works via limited edition, highly collectible Giclée art prints which we're calling "The Featured Artist Series." Our first artist, Lauren Herda, created a series of Riven prints and shared them with the community in 2019. We have been hearing from many of you over the last year that you would love to own one (or more!) of these beautiful pieces yourselves. Since we had all fallen in love with them too, we're very excited to offer them to you now... for an extremely limited time!

Newly Designed Shirts

These shirts feature imagery captured from Cyan's re-imagined, modern version of Myst, and then enhanced to transform them into a piece of art you can wear! Including vivid colors, and clever themed framing, these are shirts that will draw both attention, and comments!

New Myst Posters

Also featuring glorious imagery taken from our re-imagined version of Myst, these posters are definitely suitable for framing. They also have newly designed icons for each age which will be featured on the linking books within the game. You just may find yourself transported to the ages of Myst as you absorb all the subtle details in these cinematic views!

Mousepads are finally back!

A year ago we were forced to discontinue selling mousepads due to circumstances beyond our control. We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with a new distributor and mousepads are once again available on the Cyan store, with 2 Myst favorites, and 2 classic Riven designs making an appearance!

A few other Sneak Peeks...


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